March ramblings


The blackthorn that was so beautiful at that start of the month has been surpassed by all the other blossom appearing early after the unseasonably warm and dry weather. This month seemed to be not so much about rambling, more about sitting at my desk and editing. Or gardening. When I wasn’t fighting weeds in the borders and lawn I did manage my first visit to the Salutation Gardens in Sandwich, where I coveted an unusual daffodil (Rip van Winkle?) and learned to appreciate how much colour can be generated by a border of shrubs. A sunny Mother’s Day took me to Goodnestone again, where the magnolia was in full flower. At home, the violas bounced back beautifully after the winter frost.

There were blue skies in Deal, too, where I escaped the brisk sea breeze and walked along Middle Street, where I once saw a church that doesn’t actually exist…


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