What gets me writing?

If I didn’t write
at night the words would force themselves
out between my lips in sleep.
They would creep across the pillow,
trickle down the stairs,
burst through the front door and out into the street,
or jostle through the back door
to festoon themselves in the tree branches.

To save them from this I sit, put pen to paper,
gaze out of the window at the birds in the tree,
or put on my boots and walk through the rain
in search of a story, to give them a voice.

My first blog post, a lot of blood, sweat and tears to create the platform, and an entry for Week 1 Thanet Creative Writers competition

12 thoughts on “What gets me writing?

  1. I love the idea that your words might escape of their own accord unless they are “trapped” on the page!
    I get lots of inspiration when walking my dog and I write looking at the bird feeder in the garden – so this resonated with me. Lovely.

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  2. This is very good. I wonder if the last line needs and extra syllable or one less, or is the end supposed to be slightly disconcerting?


  3. Thanks. Really nice poem. I loved the succession of movement verbs – creep …trickle…burst .. jostle..festoon. And I can really feel the fresh air as you walk through the rain, lost in thoughts and words. Great.

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    1. Oh my – that’s amazing! Not only have I never before entered a writing competition or set up a blog, I won best post! And I never expected to – such a great array of entries, which had me wishing ‘if only I’d thought of that’. A big round of applause to one and all. And to Thanet Creative Writers and lordmatt for nursing us through Week 1. Now to master links in comments…

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