December ramblings

Horse fieldIt felt as though December was rather a gloomy month, with lots of leaden skies, although looking back at my photos perhaps that mainly applied to the latter half – when I was also poorly. The month opened with me getting into the Christmas mood much earlier than usual, with a bit of shopping at an Open Studio weekend in Deal, quickly followed by putting up the new Christmas wreath, and decorating a large pot plant instead of a tree. A scented candle and a card from my lovely publishers added to the festive feel in my writing room.

There was sunshine to be seen in the first week, with a fiery sunrise one morning. A lovely crisp walk through the orchards and past the horses alarmed the blackbirds, thrushes and maybe redwings feasting on the fallen apples, causing them to take off in frenzied flocks. And the berries on the Asparagus (a new one on me…) added a welcome splash of colour when the skies turned grey.

The writing group I belong to produced an anthology, launched at the Astor Theatre in Deal with lots of lovely readings, and I now have three volumes to dip into, with the most beautiful covers.

Christmas week brought a bit of publicity for ‘Sarah’s Story’, my third book, in the local paper and a delicious lunch at Namaste in Sandwich – Goan fish curry and dum biryani in the photo – was a non-festive treat.

Christmas itself, and the weekend before, was spent with Ellis and family, who provided much joy – as well as a couple of viruses!

I’m writing this on New Year’s Day 2019, which began with some glorious sunshine. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a bright year ahead!

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